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TOM FORD timepiece

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Tom Ford is launching a new timepiece which will be the

made of ocean plastic. From the watch to the packaging, each timepiece is made of an equivalent of 35 bottles of plastic waste, helping the fight to reduce the harmful pollution plaguing our oceans.

Also in honor of the watch, Tom Ford has partnered with 52HZ on The Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. This newly created Innovation Prize will drastically accelerate innovation around a replacement for thin-film plastic, marking a historic turning point in the fight against plastic pollution. With a purse total of 1 million dollars, the prize will result in at least one commercially-viable and sustainable alternative to non-recyclable single-use thin-film plastic to be awarded as determined by the judges. The winning submission will be vetted and stress-tested to ensure that it is not only market viable, but that it is also scalable by 2025 and widely desired by its target consumers.

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